In ancient times purchasing of a handheld spotlight was regarded as a natural and a simple process since there were not so many options in the market. The number of batteries which were used in the particular spotlight was considered as a complicated task. Currently, there are different styles, sizes and models of handheld spotlights to settle for. Spotlights are measured in various ways, and the light’s output is determined by the bezel’s quality, the bulb’s output, battery power and the reflector’s quality. For the right combination of minimum energy usage, service life and brightness, HID lamps should be considered. The following are some of the tips to be taken into consideration when buying a handheld LED spotlight;



The reflector’s quality determines the brightness of the spotlight. One of the simplest and easiest methods of boosting the output of the light by the manufacturers is by enhancing the surface behind the bulb. Since the arrival of space age materials and computer design, reflectors are designed in many options. The reflectors come up in various kinds of materials and design. In some cases, an individual may prefer a handheld spotlight which produces a narrow beam for a long distance. There are other types which can illuminate a bigger area.


A bezel can be termed as a transparent material which allows the light to be transmitted through it and moisture is kept from the device. In old times, plastic and glass were employed as bezels, and their performance was not hundred percent efficient. Glass as a material breaks easily while plastic changes color over a long duration and with minimum pressure, it changes shape in the process. Nowadays, rugged materials of high technologies are featured. The materials are not easy to be scratched, clearer and do not break easily. Bezels manufactured from Pyrex and Lexan are excellent choice to be considered.


The color filtration is an important option to be considered for a spotlight. For the people or workers operating in dark areas, color filtration is vital in preserving the night vision whereby the lag time will be avoided in viewing anything with light. There is a blue, red, green and infrared filter which significantly decreases the issues of one working in dark areas or places.



A handheld spotlight operates with an electric source. The battery options available in the market should be considered for lighting the bulb in the spotlight. The spotlight batteries are categorized into primary and secondary batteries. These batteries can be rechargeable and non-rechargeable.