Home Building

A house is not just a dwelling; it's also an investment, a way to save for the future and to watch the growth of your capital. It is logical to buy and own a house rather than pay rent. Should you purchase a used house or build a new home is the question. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. However, a new home is worth deliberating over buying existing one. Here are the reasons.

You Can Choose The Location

It may not be possible to locate an old house in your preferred location, but you can buy a plot of land in an area you like and consider building a new home entirely to your specifications.

Design Of The New Home

When you purchase an existing house, you have to accept it as it is and renovate or remodel. You could also demolish the house and use the place to build a whole new home from the ground up. In either case, you have complete control over the design, placement of rooms, and placement of the house in the plot, size, and all other parameters.

Quality Of Construction

afdcfcfcAn old house will have some defects like cracks in the walls, leaks in the roof, peeling paint and related issues. When you build a new home, you are in total control of the materials to use and the savings alone it worth the effort. Also having a reputed builder ensures confidence that quality materials and processes will go into the construction.

Cost Control

Fix your budget and talk to the builder to draft an ingenious design that fits within your existing budget with a provision for expansion later on. If time is a constraint, your builder could help you select the proper prefab house. You may decide on a concrete-brick structure, beginning with a ground floor for now and then build the first floor later on. You can even take a decision on the interior such as the tiles, insulation, wall cladding, light fittings, fixtures, and every tiny detail.

Peace Of Mind For Years

A new house will offer you peace of mind for years. You won't have problems of water intrusion from the floor or walls, dripping ceilings or drainage problems. A well-built house should require minimal maintenance for at least five years, if not more.

Value Addition

With the right design and the exteriors blending with the landscape to create a beautiful overall aesthetic, your house increases in value, in case you are to sell in future.

Pride Of Ownership

When you have invested time, energy, thought and money in the construction of a new house, it is the fulfillment of a dream, and it gives you pride of ownership.