Are you heavily disturbed by the increasing number of fleas in your home? Are you looking for the best solution to get rid of fleas in your compound? Fleas pose a great health hazards both humans and pets in the home environment. This article provides a perfect source  of getting rid of the fleas in the homes. This article will provide you with all the information that you need to know about the problems caused by fleas in your pet as well as solution to fleas in homes.

Health Hazards of Fleas in Homes


kjkjkjkjkjkFleas suck blood from your pet and this makes the iron level in the body of the pet to reduce greatly. This can lead to great medical complications for your pet in future which may even lead to death.

Skin allergies

If the flea bites your pet and it becomes allergic to the flea saliva, then that will make your cat or dog to scratch itself continuously.

Bartonella Infection

If the flea biting your pet carries a bartonella causing parasite, then there are high chances that your pet will get infected as well. This infection can also affect humans which causes them to scratch themselves heavily

Hot spots

If your pet constantly scratches its skin , there are high chances that it may lead to hot spots in the skin of your pet.


Pets can accidentally swallow the biting fleas and this can lead to them having tapeworms.

Solutions to Fleas in Homes

Have you ever known that the fleas you see in your pet only constitute a small percentage of the total population of fleas in your home? Fleas usually hide themselves even in the small crevices in your carpet and furniture. It is important for home owners to take action promptly upon realizing the presence of fleas in their homes. This will ensure the safety of their pets and family at large. There are various methods that you can use to solve the fleas menace in your home as discussed below;

Regular treatment of your pet

The treatment involves using a treatment product that has the ability to kill all the existing fleas instantly. Capstar is a well known brand that has been used by many homeowners to treat their pets on a regular basis.

Killing The Fleas in The Home compound

kkkllppllkmThis involves ensuring that the home compound is cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of dust which may attract fleas. Home compound can be fogged for around seven months to prevent the spread of Fleas reproduction.

The bottom line of completely eradicating fleas from your home is maintaining highest degree of hygiene in your home and in your pet’s beddings. B Using these tips fleas will become history in your home!