Is it normal to experience bleeding or pink discharge during pregnancy period? This is a question most young expectant mothers ask themselves. If you too have been wondering about the same, then you really need to read this article to the end so that you can actually get to know what actually is the cause of pink discharge is during pregnancy tests. One of the concerns by the ladies is why pinky discharge?

However, before we even proceed further, I feel it necessary to have you informed that spotting or bleeding is quite normal during pregnancy period. Research shows that sporting occurs in 1 out every 10 women during the first trimester. This, in most cases, it results from the normal body changes that normally take place during pregnancy period. Knowing the cause of this discharge is crucial as it will help you to know when you need to worry about your health and that of your child.



hghghghghghgghAfter fertilization has taken place, softening of the cervix is common due to the pregnancy hormones. This may result to pink discharge after sex. In addition to that, there is a condition known as cervical erosion that is often responsible for pink spotting after sex in early stages as well as later pregnancies. Also, it is important to note that in some instances, this type of discharge may be caused by vaginal or cervical infections.

Carrying twins

Another potential cause of this discharge is twin pregnancies. When a woman is pregnant with twins, there is a normally higher pregnancy hormone level.

Breakthrough bleeding

Discharge of pink discharge can also be caused by normal menstrual cycle. Sometimes during pregnancy period, hormonal levels to not high enough to cover up the menstrual cycle and therefore the normal signs associated with are observed, including the light pink discharge.


Miscarriage can occur during any time of the pregnancy period. When it takes place, it can cause a serious bleeding and discharges of different colors depending on the cause.

Chemical pregnancy

This is a type of miscarriage that takes place before the fertilized egg attaches itself to the womb. This type of miscarriage occurs in the first month of pregnancy, and its sign is in most cases bleeding.


This is a medical word that is used to describe a condition during pregnancy where there is blood accumulation between the placenta and the uterine wall or within the placenta itself. It is this accumulation that leads to yellow or pink discharges. This condition may heal itself after some time.


kjkkjjkjkjjkggfThere are other many causes that we might have failed to include in this article such as uterine fibroids, bicornuate uterus, endometritis and many others. It is however, important to always consult your doctor whenever you observe changes that you suspect to be abnormal.